Zombie Gunship

Zombie Gunship 1.15

Take to the skies, save lives, and destroy zombies

Zombies have become very popular, and Zombie Gunship is the perfect example of how to make a different zombie app. View full description


  • Fun gameplay
  • Strategic use of weapons
  • Challenging without becoming frustrating


  • Color option would be nice
  • Some camera angles unbalance gameplay
  • No free play mode


Zombies have become very popular, and Zombie Gunship is the perfect example of how to make a different zombie app.

Zombie Gunship changes the format of one-on-one encounters by playing players in the gunner position of an AC-130 ground attack aircraft. By using thermal imaging, it is possible to differentiate between the “warm” human survivors and the “cold” zombie masses that are trying to infiltrate the base.

Utilizing three different ground attack weapons: the 25mm Gatling gun, 40mm Bofors auto-cannon, and 105 Howitzer cannon, players will protect the survivors as they run for safety at the secure base. Each weapon carries a different attack radius and fire rate; but are upgradable after each round.

Increasing damage radius, reload time, and others all help to save more survivors, but Zombie Gunship quickly increases the amount of zombies that are attack as well as sending stronger zombies that can withstand more damage.

It does looks strange in the beginning of Zombie Gunship to view the app in a grayscale image which mimics thermal imaging, but it quickly becomes second nature to search for “white” survivors amid the masses of zombies. Zombie Gunship uses a simple interface where players can quickly scroll through the types of weapons and accurately rain fire on the zombies.

One of the more impressive parts of Zombie Gunship is the sound. Through headphones, the distinct sound of each weapon is impressive. Containing the “thump” or “boom” of the different weapons comes through with a great clarity.

Zombie Gunship is an addictive app. The change in gameplay creates a more challenging experience that doesn’t get old.


  • AN ALL NEW "No Humans" BONUS GAME MODE! Every 75 humans rescued allows you to activate the HSAS (Human Sequestration Advisory System), an alarm which sends all humans into hiding! Savor the satisfaction of unleashing your gunship's arsenal without the chance of collateral damage. Compete for high scores on all new "No Humans" mode leaderboards for each of the maps. Veteran gunners with surplus coins can use them to instantly activate the HSAS.
Zombie Gunship


Zombie Gunship 1.15